History of Ghelu

The History of Ghelu is still in development. Right now the world is around the year of one hundred after the end of the Mage Wars. Most humanoid societies including the dominant societies of the Manes and the Budmen take the year of the end of the Mage Wars as the beginning of the New Era and count from 0 upwards since then. Right now I started to develop the history of Greater Harland in general and the Urland in particular.


Disclaimer: The words and especially names are freely invented by me out of various reasons. I have written several words in bold font to distinguish them from the „normal“ world. Those bold font words descripe something inside the world I am creating here and have thus no direct connection to reality. I hope this clears any misunderstanding up front. Best example would be the word manic, which originates from the term Mane or Manes, describing a human in my world, not a real life term about a mental condition.

The Early Era

About 20.000 before:

Mythical foundation of Goom

About 18.000 before:

First contact between Budmen and Beregmanes

About 17.000 before:

First Dragon Wars

About 16.000 before:

The Fortress of Krekmen is built

About 15.500 before:

The Guermen migrate to the West, first settlement in the Bairgahei mountains

About 15.000 before:

Second Dragon Wars, the Ansu disappear

About 13.000 before:

Settlement on the Semerkap, the Lendmanes are recognized

About 12.000 before:

Mythical “Drain of Senoland”, Great Flooding on the northern shores, the Semier migrate to the south

About 11.000 before:

The Budmen reach the Selgian Sea, foundation of Moridem

About 10.000 before:

End of the Second Dragon Wars

About 8.000 before:

First settlements of Zamin and Egrodia

About 7.000 before:

Manes reach Peurkap and Regos

About 6.000 before:

The Mankind is the dominating species of the world

About 5.500 vor:

The Budmen give up their last settlement between the Terracantar mountains and the northern parts of the Goom; Only trading posts in the area of the future Gerbarre remain

About 5.000 before:

The coastal shores of the Osian Sea are settled up to the Plaue delta, first feuds between the manic tribes

About 4.500 before:

The Egrodian tribe conquers large parts around the future Terra Nucleus

About 4.000 before:

The last Semier and Beregmanes have to leave the Terra Nucleus

About 3.500 before:

Second Great Flooding, the coast around the Plaue, Seva and Finis is basically depopulated, the Egrodians become the dominating tribe

About 3.300 before:

Several lendmanic tribes under leadership of the Egrodians are fighting against an invasion of the east, the tribal structures are abandoned in favour of folk societies.

About 3.000 before:

The Egrodians are the first humanoids outside of the Goom to develop hardened steel and organized military strategies

About 2.500 before:

Regnancy of Abigus Cosmos, the Imperium Suprimis is founded in the area of the Terra Nucleus

About 2.450 before:

Avarus Dominus attacks the Lendmanic tribes and conquers the Aequor Dominatis

About 2.300 before:

Erus Primus crosses the Finis and develops the Imperium Orientalis

About 2.230 before:

Scitus Promptus crosses the Seva, start of the First Lizard Wars

About 2.200 before:

Guermen, Budmen and Beregmanic tribes cross the Aser and attack the dominant Dheni west of the Plaue

About 2.150 before:

The Dheni are defeated

About 2.120 before:

Savius Orbus starts to conquer the last free lands west of the Plaue

About 2.110 before:

First known peace treats: The Pact of Moridem. Treaty between the western Budmen and the Empire, Moridem is defined as the border to the Empire, the Budmen get support against the threatening Guermen, first mentioning of the term “Barbarii”.

About 2.100 before:

The Empire stretches from Moridem to the Terracantar mountains

About 2.000 before:

The Guermen attack the Empire for the first time


The Old Era

About 2.000 before:

First Regian Wars

About 1.800 before:

The Budmen declare the borders of Goom as “Eternal”, Development of the Carta Eternia

About 1.700 before:

First Zaminian-Empirial War under Amus Morius

About 1.600 before:

Second Zaminian-Empirial War under Marcus Haesitus

About 1.500 before:

Egrodus Victorius conquers Regos and Zamin, official foundation of the Egrodian Empire

About 1.200 before:

Attack of the Korosi on Zamin, Sultan Mubaraq acquires the help of the bargamenic Tschat clan and founds the Order of Aistig

1.190 before:

Sultan Mubarin declares the independence of Zamin from Egrodia, Third Zaminian-Empirial War under Egrodus VI. Damnus

1.170 before:

Sultan Mubaraq II. and Asadin Aga create the Zaminian-Regian Alliance

1.160 before:

Sultan Danius reaches the Aser and besieges Moridem

1.155 before:

Nirudin Aga founds the Magokratie Regos

1.150 before:

Danius changes the herital law of Zamin shortly before his death; his daughter Dana is the first Sultani

1.148 before:

Treaty of Moridem: The Budmen reacquire the regency over Moridem; Imperator Egrodus VIII. donates all lands south of the Aser to the Budmen

1.146 before:

First Korisian War

1.140 before:

Second Korisian War

1.130 before:

Sultan Mubadan declares peace with Egrodia

1.120 before:

Second Regian War, the Gerbarre is created

1.100 before:

Peace of Lugburg: Regos gains its Independence

About 1.050 before:

Gerian Clan Wars: The Guermen clans are migrating; The Budmen lose control over the Bairgahei and Bereghei mountains, Regos has to retreat from the Gerbarre

About 1.000 before:

Third Korisian War, fights between the Selosi and the Guermen in Auden

About 800 before:

Downfall of the Korosian Matriarchat

About 700 before:

Selosi and Guermen clans attack the Sultanat Zamin

562 before:

Sultan Samsir builds Divar Tars in the Kormer Passage

539 before:

Mar Aga starts her regency in the Magokrat Regos

528 before:

The first Orbo slaves are shipped from the Peurkap to Egrodia

520 before:

Day of the Five Eyes: Thousands of Mages and other Soito users lose their lives

519 before:

Regos allied Guermen clans take over the Gerbarre

515 before:

Imperator Cursus Permus changes Semerkap into a vassal kingdom

512 before:

Religious War: The Order of Bader defeats the Neuker Coalition and takes over all important magical positions in Egrodia

509 before:

Mar Aga and the Head of the Order, Summanus, each declare independently all Semier as lizardheaded

507 before:

Semier found Kaschant (Caislean Teith) in Tirsor

505 before:

Mountain King Alond closes the borders of Goom

503 before:

Deilord Korhart of Moridem dies; Moridem becomes council city

502 before:

Primus Dragonis in Pesden

501 before:

Birth of Kormus

500 before:

Mage Wars


The New Era

Year 0:

End of the Mage Wars

Year 1:

Ansu in Smelkelp

Year 5:

Uorg in the Gerbarre

Year 7:

Neskend outbreak in the Imperium Orientalis

Year 10:

Uorg attack the Imperium Orientalis

Year 13:

Durus Infortunatus gives up all lands east of the Imperium Nucleus; Foundation of the Paria Magnus

Year 15:

The Uorg are defeated at the Paries Magnus

Year 18:

The Uorg retreat into the Gerbarre

Year 20:

The Neskend disappear

Year 22:

Praetor Durus reconquers the Marks Dragesik and Alaun north of the Bairgahei mountains

Year 24:

Treachery of the Tschats: Durus gains the Morgau and the Bergau without a struggle, Moridem is defeated

Year 25:

Praetor Korus negotiates behind the back of Imperator Espus Abnus with Sultani Khoshgel and the Budmen

Year 27:

Defeat of the Tschats and scattering of the clans

Year 30:

Korbund: Moridem and the Morgau go back to the Budmen, the Sultanat Zamin accepts the Marks as untouchable; Praetor Korus declares Koromor independent to Egrodia

Year 32:

Hartog of Selgau attacks the Praetoriat Plaue

Year 35:

Hartogs son Hartwig of Plaue allies with Korus

Year 38:

Praetor Korus crosses the Plaue at Luburg

Year 40:

The Egrodian Emperor sends Praetor Faustus Tenerus against the Kori, he forces them back into the Katland

Year 41:

Battle of Katla: Praetor Korus is killed; despite that the Kori throw back the Egrodian troops under Praetor Faustus Tenerus

Year 44:

Queen Korsa and Lord Kalwend hold position at the Seva

Year 45:

Faustus Tenerus is declared Emperor of Egrodia

Year 46:

The Beregmane Erwulf attacks the West-Sevian lands

Year 48:

Erwulf reaches the Sulburg and declares his claim for the “Mergland” between Seva and Plaue

Year 49

In the Battle on the Kenfields Erwulf defeats and kills Korsa

Year 50

Erwulf allies with Korsas daughter Kaisa; his son Wulfgar marries the young Korian queen

Year 51

Imperator Clemens Pacitus gives the lands west of the Seva as “fiefdom” to Kaisa

Year 52

Foundation of several Bergian settlement in the West-Sevian

Year 55

Council of Kapador: Foundation of the Praetorrealm Korio; Wulfgar is elected in the first Curia


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